About Susanne


(My first name is pronounced ‘Su-sah-nah’)

As a licensed massage therapist and certified practitioner of Maya Abdominal Therapy I offer several forms of bodywork and massage therapy at Aquarian Uprising.

Another passion of mine is Acutonics® sound vibrational healing and evolutionary Astrology.

The main focus in my practice is in structural alignment and over-all balance of body, mind and spirit. And with over 17 years of experience and training I remain committed to your health.

My work is centered around a core of detailed and intuitive massage therapy that effectively releases muscular tension, eases pain, improves function, and assists the body in returning itself to vitality and health. 

Along with this I integrate other elements of holistic and energetic therapies as well as Acutonics® for your well being, as appropriate and welcomed.

No two sessions are ever the same, as both you and I are unique and ever changing.


Thank you,

Susanne Waibel, LMT

Susanne Waibel, LMT

Susanne Waibel, LMT