Massage FAQ:

What should I know before I come?

• Please arrive a few minutes early to your appointment to fill out paperwork, relax for a few minutes and use the restroom.

• Please reschedule if you are sick! A massage will NOT make you feel better; the increased circulation created by a massage will spread the pathogen deeper into your body. The cancelation fee will be waived in this case.

• Please cancel or reschedule as soon as you know you are unable to make an appointment. There is a 50% fee of the original amount of your treatment for cancellations within 24 hours of your scheduled appointments and for a no-show/no call the full amount will be charged.

What should I wear?

During your massage clothing is optional, please undress to your comfort level; you will be discreetly draped with sheets at all times. I will step out of the room before and after your treatment, so you can comfortably undress and dress again.

(If modesty is a concern, I can do a full body massage while fully dressed. Please dress in comfortable clothing in this case and mention your preference on your intake. No oil will be used.)

What oils are being used?

• In each massage session I use my own hand crafted massage oils, aromatherapy, creams, or herbal salves. I only use organic and wildcrafted oils.
If you’ve never experienced the difference of what real herbal massage oils are like, you are in for a spectacular treat!
I encourage not to bathe afterwards to let the oils fully absorb and receive the maximum skin nourishing benefits.

What about during the treatment?

• Acutonics® sound-vibrational healing is incorporated into every massage. For more information on how this modality works, please look up Acutonics® on my website.

• Always inform me of any injuries, pain and other complaints you would like to address in your treatment. Let me know if anything has changed since last appointment… or any other concerns you might have.

• Some people like to talk, others like to be quiet; I will leave this up to you. And if you have any questions, always ask. There are no ‘silly/stupid’ questions.

• Please always speak up if there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable. (e.g. adjustments on the massage table, temperature, music, lighting, etc. …)

What music is playing?

• I use music by Kelly Howell. Her music is brainwave therapy and subliminal messages hidden in soothing music or ocean waves. I usually choose for you but if you have any specific wishes I would be happy to help you find your perfect tunes. I also offer a wide variety of pandora channels or no music at all.

 What about after the treatment?

• Please drink plenty of water after your massage session to stay hydrated.

• Payment is due at the end of your treatment. We accept Cash and Checks and all major Credit Cards. Cash is preferred and a cash-discount is applied to most treatments.

• Tipping: Tips/Gratuities are always greatly appreciated but never expected.

• I always encourage to schedule your next appointment either in person or online.  This way you know you are getting a regular massage your body deserves so very much. You can always reschedule or cancel at a later time.

Acutonics® FAQ:

What happens during a treatment? 

For your first session I usually suggest an 80 minute time slot, where we will do a thorough intake and talk about your astrological chart, followed by the Acutonics® treatment. For all follow-up treatments we will do a 5-10 minute intake to tailor the session to your specific needs. During an Acutonics® treatment you will be fully clothed (unless you combine it with a massage) and you will be laying on a massage table. I will set tuning forks on different acupuncture points on your body, e.g. your chest, spine, sacrum, ankles and arms… .

Planetary gongs and Tibetan Singing bowls will also be played during the session.

What happens after an Acutonics® treatment?

Allow yourself to rest after your treatment. Acutonics® sessions evoke altered states. People often report feeling different, expansive and very relaxed after sessions. To make the most of this, be kind to yourself by being in nature or resting for a while. This will further deepen your Acutonics® experience.

How does Acutonics® work and what does it treat?

Acutonics® is a powerful, deeply transformational, non-invasive modality that incorporates sound and vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human energy field to achieve optimal health, actualization, and wholeness. It has been used effectively to support individuals with a wide variety of ailments including muscular-skeletal, neurological, psycho spiritual, emotional, psychological, gastrointestinal, gynecological, respiratory, and many other chronic and debilitating conditions.

 How often should a person receive an Acutonics® session?

The frequency and duration of sessions varies depending on the need of the individual. In a physical, emotional, or spiritual crisis, some people may see a practitioner once or twice per week. Once the initial concerns are addressed, people may come once a month or every other month for a tune up or preventative care that helps keep their body in harmony. The feedback from clients is that Acutonics sessions last longer, and work more quickly and deeply than many other modalities.

Sessions are effective for both ongoing health issues as well as preventative or wellness care. Many people are drawn to the work for the clarity, relaxation, and heightened awareness they experience during and after an Acutonics session.

Can Acutonics help treat depression?

Depression is a complex issue and we believe that you should work in concert with the appropriate members of your health care team to develop a plan that works for your individual situation. However, in our own clinical practice, we’ve seen that the root of depression is often a feeling of deep spiritual disconnection or an inability to understand our soul’s purpose. We’ve also had great success providing support for both depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Can the Acutonics Forks be used for clearing the energy in physical space?

Absolutely, Acutonics® is a powerful form of vibrational healing whether you’re working with an individual, a family, a physical space, a growing space, or the Planet.

If you have any other questions please give me a call and we schedule a consultation or send me an email or text. (970) 376•3983